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    Domestic and commercial solar panel cleaning

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    Domestic and commercial solar panel cleaning

Domestic and commercial solar panel cleaning

Our cleaning service ensures your solar panels generate their peak kw all year round. We are able to clean solar installations based in remote locations with our fully mobile cleaning equipment. Taking into consideration mains water is not normally available on-site we are able to supply, transport, produce and store large quantities of purified water for use in the cleaning process. With a team of meticulous operators large solar arrays can be cleaned from start to finish within a short period of time.

Why clean your solar panels?

Solar panels suffer from reduced performance as dirt builds up on the glass, preventing the panels from absorbing sunshine and generating energy to their full potential.

Although panels generally require little maintenance if they are not kept clean they will fail to generate the financial return anticipated. Some manufacturers and installers may state as part of their warranty agreement that panels are regularly cleaned to avoid damage or premature unit failure.

How do we clean them?

As recommended by the energy saving trust we use the same 'water fed pole' system to clean solar panels that we use daily to clean windows. This chemical free system utilises pure water alongside water fed poles fitted with specialist soft bristled brushes, removing bird droppings, dust and tree debris etc without the risk of panel damage.

Most solar panels even when fitted on roofs can be clean from the safety of the ground due to our long reach water fed poles.

How often and what is the cost?

At least once a year is now being recommended and becoming the norm on solar installations to maintain peak efficiency.  There are a number of factors that can vary the cost of cleaning, these include frequency, site access and the overall size of the installation.

We have found that over the years with our commercial window cleaning quotes, the most accurate way to quote is to offer our prospective customers a FREE site visit with no obligation.

Call 07930 095 860 or email clean_n_shine@hotmail.com for a quotation