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Silver Seal Paint Protection

You may not have heard of AutoSmart, because they do not market their products at the retail industry. But this British company is probably the biggest name in car care products and their products are the No.1 choice of valeters and body shops in Britain and much of Europe.

Silver Seal is a no nonsense paint protection product which is easy to maintain.


Once it's on the car all you have to do is wash with their Care'n'Clean which comes supplied with the kit in a big bottle. There are no preservers or additives or special cleaners.

A great advantage of this sealant, unlike others, is that you can wax over the top with a non abrasive wax without damaging the sealant.

Every customer who purchases a Silver Seal application receives an individual certificate, guaranteeing the effectiveness of Silver Seal .products for:
3 years for brand new vehicles and cars less than 25K miles and less than five years old.
2 years for vehicles 25K miles to 50k miles under five years old.
1 year for vehicles up to five years old and over 50K miles.

However, sealants don’t fall apart the moment the guarantee ends! Silver Seal can be expected to last quite a bit longer than the guarantee. Also included in the pack is an upholstery protector, similar to Scotchguard. This coats all the fibres of upholstery, preventing staining and increasing wear.
The condition of a car's paintwork has a direct link to it's value. Silver Seal is a guaranteed protectant for paintwork and upholstery which protects and adds value. This advanced polymer coating cures to the vehicle finish forming a glass-like bond which acts as a barrier preventing damage from exposure to exhaust particles, chemicals, winter road salt and Solar (UV) radiation.

A Second Skin to Protect your car's paint work
A specially formulated protector is applied to clean paintwork, providing a watertight seal which is impenetrable to precipitation. This invisible second skin protects your paint from rain, sun, sleet, ice and snow, leaving a striking `water bead' effect on the paintwork.
Once treated with Silver Seal Paint Protector, all forms of traffic film, dirt and dust are easily removed from your paintwork. Providing you clean the car normally, using a neutral detergent (provided free of charge) such as Autosmart Gentle Car Shampoo, it will retain that showroom finish all year round.
Extensively tested and proven as a market leading package in the harsh climates of Scandinavia, Silver Seal is the way to protect your car's looks and value.

Long lasting protection for your car's upholstery
Birds and animals are protected against the wet by the natural coating on their feathers and fur. Autosmart have applied this philosophy to the interior of your car with Silver Seal Fabric and Upholstery Protector.
A unique chemical treatment is applied to the upholstery and carpets and is absorbed into the fibres of these materials. This protectant dries to create a waterproof barrier - preventing moisture penetrating the fibres. Spillages like coffee and tea bead off the material like `water off a duck's back, whilst dust , dirt and sticky sweets are easily removed.
Once the protectant has been applied, the interior of your car will continue to look as good as the day it was first treated.

Prices start from £160 get in contact for more details